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How do you cultivate a cycle of women’s leadership, at home and abroad? Where do you find the courage to start a world-changing project, even with no experience? Lisa’s talks center on how each of us can cultivate our innate power to lead, whether on the global stage or in one’s own community.

With grace and integrity, Lisa shares her story transformation from lapsed idealist to leader of mass movements for women’s security in Congo, Somalia, and worldwide, drawing on intimate lessons learned from her own journey, her study as a fellow with Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership, and extensive interviews with grassroots women leaders around the world. While exploring some of the world’s most dangerous places for women, Lisa shares the harrowing but hopeful leadership lessons gleaned from the women she has encountered along the way.

Where does the money go? For close to a decade, Lisa has engaged full time activism on a volunteer basis. She has never received monetary compensation for her organizing work. People often ask, “But how does she live?” Quite simply, speaking fees. They allow Lisa to continue her work, while owning her uncompromising independent voice. She is deeply grateful to the many communities that have hosted her, making her continued life work possible.