“In a land where so many ‘responsible’ leaders eschew responsibility, Lisa has gone out of her way to assume responsibility and try to make a difference. Along with an unbelievable cast of plucky Congolese survivors such as Generose, she evokes hope.” Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times


img-thumbThe New York Times  |  JANUARY 2013
An American in Congo
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img-thumbABC NEWS  |  July 2012
Running for Change
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img-thumbOPRAH  |  SEPTEMBER 2009
Lisa Shannon Visits the Congo
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img-thumbKGW  |  JULY 2011
Lisa Shannon finds new ‘Sisters’ in Somalia
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campaigns-athousandsistersNYTimes  |  Feb. 3, 2010
From ‘Oprah’ to Building a Sisterhood in Congo
by Nicholas Kristof
Five years ago, Lisa Shannon watched “Oprah” and learned about the savage, forgotten war here in eastern Congo, played out in massacres and mass rape. That show transformed Lisa’s life, costing her a good business, a beloved fiancé, and a comfortable home in Portland, Ore. — but giving her a chance to save lives in Congo. Read More >
RW2006StillRunners World  |  Oct. 27, 2006
Heroes of 2006
by Michelle Hamilton
When Oprah Winfrey did a segment on the death, rape, and torture of women in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo last year, the show moved Lisa Shannon, 31, who was watching in Portland, Oregon, to action. Read More >
Women Who Shape the World.
by Alice Oglethorpe
It sounds like a cliché, but an episode of Oprah changed Lisa Shannon’s life. She learned that in the midst of civil war, hundreds of thousands of women in Congo suffer rape and torture at the hands of the militia. Read More >
campaigns-athousandsistersPRI’s The World  |  May 11, 2011
Rape Skyrocketing in Congo
A new study in the American Journal of Public Health shows rates of rapes in the Democratic Republic of Congo are skyrocketing. Lisa Shannon, Congo activist and author of “A Thousand Sisters” tells anchor Marco Werman that the study points to the need for Washington to leverage its aid to Congo with an eye toward accountability and protecting women. Read More >
campaigns-athousandsistersTime  |  April 7, 2010
From Oprah to Congo: One Woman’s Attempt to Save Thousands
by Kristi Oloffson
Lisa Shannon could not sit still after watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show that revealed the story of the world’s deadliest conflict — a Congolese war in which scores of women are raped, and hundreds of men, women, and children are killed on a daily basis. Read More >
RuunersWorld magnificentmileRunner’s World  |  Aug. 2010
A Magnificent Mile.
by Michelle Hamilton
Women around the world have been running to aid victims of unspeakable violence in the Congo. Then these survivors experienced the power, freedom, and joy of moving forward themselves. Read More >
campaigns-athousandsistersMarie Claire  |  June 25, 2010
A Woman’s Race to Save the Congo.
by Judith Ohikuare
Until January 2005, Lisa Shannon, a co-owner of a stock photo company in Portland, Oregon, knew absolutely nothing about the deadliest war since World War II that’s been raging in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the last 12 years. Read More >
campaigns-athousandsistersNYTimes  |  Feb. 3, 2010
American Lisa and Congolese Lisa
by Nicholas Kristof
My Thursday column is about the war in eastern Congo, looking at the work of Lisa Shannon and her Run for Congo Women. Read More >
OregonianaLisaNew ProjectThe Oregonian  |  July 13, 2011
Lisa Shannon has a New Project. by Nancy Haught. Lisa Shannon just returned to Portland after a quick trip to Mogadishu, which she’d been warned was the most dangerous place on Earth. Read More >
campaigns-athousandsistersThe Daily Beast  |  May 11, 2011
According to a new study, the pandemic of sexual violence in war-torn Congo is far worse than previously reported—with four women raped every five minutes.
by Danielle Shapiro
Sometimes the attacks happen on their way to and from the market or their cassava fields. Sometimes they happen deep into the night, when the women are shaken from sleep with violence. Sometimes their attacker is a soldier, a rebel, a neighbor; sometimes it’s their husband. Read More >
campaigns-athousandsistersThe Oregonian  |  June 24, 2010
Lisa Shannon of Portland dedicates her life to helping women in the Congo
by Nancy Haught
In 2005, Lisa Shannon had one goal: to run the 30.16 miles of the Wildwood Trail and raise enough money to sponsor 31 Congolese women, one for each mile, rounding up.  Read More >
OregonianIntelThe Oregonian  |  May 19, 2010
Intel closes comments on its Facebook page over “conflict comments”
by Mike Rogoway
Intel’s Facebook page has been inundated over the past day by comments from those who want the chipmaker to endorse a bill that aims to restrict the flow of minerals from the war-torn Congo. Read More >
EnoughProjectBlog242010Enough  |  Feb. 4, 2010
Lisa Shannon’s butterfly effect.
by Candice Knezevic
Don’t miss Nicholas Kristof’s column today in the New York Times. He writes about Lisa Shannon, whom he met up with in the city of Bukavu, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Inspired by an Oprah episode about the rape epidemic in Congo, Lisa ran 30 miles to raise sponsorships for Congolese women through Women for Women International. Read More >
kbooKBOO radio (OR)  |  April, 8, 2010
Running For The Women Of The Congo
by Linda Olson-Osterlund
Author, Lisa J. Shannon joins host Linda Olson-Osterlund in the KBOO Studio to talk about her new book, A Thousand Sisters: My Journey Into The Worst Place On Earth To Be A Woman. Read More >