CDC: Men who interact with women should avoid alcohol

Photo on 2-3-16 at 4.17 PM #2Men who could potentially interact with women should avoid alcohol consumption, federal health officials should have advised on Thursday, a move that could drastically reduce incidents of men beating the shit out of women.

Studies have shown high correlation with male alcohol consumption and rates of violence against women, from date rape to intimate partner violence to femicide. According to the World Health Organization, male alcohol consumption represents one of six key risk factors in intimate partner violence.[1] “Alcohol consumption, especially at harmful and hazardous levels is a major contributor to the occurrence of intimate partner violence and links between the two are manifold,” The World Health Organization reports. “Studies of intimate partner violence routinely identify recent consumption of alcohol by perpetrators.”

“This is real. Why take the chance?” A Center for Disease Control official should have said.

The World Health Organization estimates that one out of three women will survive some form of violence against women in her lifetime. One hundred percent of people over the age of twelve estimate every woman who interacts with men on a semi-regular basis is at risk.

When men who interact with women drink alcohol, the risk of violence increases dramatically.  There is no known safe level of violence against women. Violence against women is known to cause death, severe injuries, hospitalization, miscarriage, unwanted pregnancy, permanent disability, post traumatic stress disorder, among other devastating impacts.

A slew of economic reports have found, violence against women routinely costs nations around the world somewhere between 1 percent to 10 percent of their gross domestic product. Conservative estimates place the cost to the United States domestic economy at 5.8 billion per year.[2]

Doctors should routinely screen men who interact with women for alcohol use, “both before and after interacting with females, and should provide support for men to stop use of alcohol when planning to interact with females, “ advised another non-existent Center for Disease Control official.

Some men who hope to interact with women prepare by engaging in basic grooming habits, such as brushing their teeth or bathing, but experts advise these actions have little impact when under the influence on alcohol and making the choice to rape, molest, or beat the shit out of females.

Still, Center for Disease Control officials would have to acknowledge asking men to refrain from alcohol consumption would be a tough sell.

“Some men will take this advice.” CDC officials did not say, “Some will not.”

The backlash against these recommendations is sure to be swift, with men’s rights groups taking a stand. “It is a sad day when the government relates to all men as irresponsible rapists and abusers who can’t think for themselves.”

However, women’s rights groups are expected to applaud the recommendation.

“In many cases of unintended violence, men inadvertently expose women and girls to horrific injuries and terror,” Dr. Madeup Smith, the organization’s president, said in a statement. “This is just another reason why it’s so important that health care providers counsel men about how to prevent unintended beatings and rape through use of personal responsibility and self control.”